Japanese scientists produce first 3D-bioprinted, marbled Wagyu beef

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If we are going to create lab meat might as well go with the best.


Yes and yes!! Cruelty free meat!!! I hope to see it everywhere!!!


I hope this takes off, lab meat opens the doors to growing organs. Imagine the wait list being shortened down to weeks instead of months, and no issues with compatibility if they can grow from your own bio sample


Sounds like Black Market 3D-bioprinted, marbled Wagyu beef flooding the market with supposedly REAL product is just around the corner…🤣


>The Osaka University team used two types of stem cells harvested from Wagyu cows as their starting point, bovine satellite cells and adipose-derived stem cells. These cells were incubated and coaxed into becoming the different cell types needed to form individual fibers for muscle, fat and blood vessels. These were then arranged into a 3D stack to resemble the high intramuscular fat content of Wagyu, better known as marbling, or sashi in Japan.