Jobless claims: Another 230,000 Americans filed new claims last week. Higher than expected.

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People aren’t really hiring. It seems fake. I’ve been reading plenty of posts where people went to apply and have no felonies, etc and aren’t offered jobs at places that say they are hiring and are desperate. Places that took tax dollars during Covid. Has anyone else feeling this also? Read the same first hand accounts? Or read accounts countering what I’ve seen?


Maybe this is a dumb question but I’m no economist: Isn’t unemployment in the U.S. at a very low level already? I recall a while ago reading about how the unemployment levels can never get below a certain point (I don’t recall the number but I believe we are not terribly far off from it). So while numbers are higher than expected, it seems that unless this is a trend where unemployment numbers are rising regularly every month, employment in the U.S. is strong. This is only regarding employment, I know there are some serious issues with low wages in this country.


How come there are so many job openings and no one to fill them ? Labor Force participation rate is slightly under 62% per Fred statistic. Is this because of COVID or other factors that can’t be quantified?


So higher than expected unemployment, inflation, yet we have record employment opportunities? Also wages are too low but Americans are seeing wages rise faster than ever before? I am starting to think sh#t is all theater /s.


Combine Omicron with the end of seasonal work and this does not seem like it should be too surprising. Hospitality for sure had layoffs again in many places.