LPT: “lift with your knees, not your back” also means “lift with your abs.” If you engage them when you lift something it’ll be a lot easier. And you don’t even need a six pack.

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I can attest to this. Had low back pain for years. A physical therapist trained me to flex my abs as if I were about to get punched in the gut. It really takes the load off of your spine. And do this whenever you have to bend, even if you’re not picking up anything.


Lift with your knees? Do you mean legs?


It *will however* help you build and maintain your six pack. Engaging your core in any activity you can is one of the things most people ignore when failing to build a 6, 8 etc. Pack.


Gradually work on deadlifts to strengthen your lower back muscles. That’s the muscles that engage when you lift with your back. Making them stronger prevents accidental injury when lifting and makes a stronger core along with abs exercises. Also helped a lot with lower back pain for me. Tl;dr LPT: exercise