LPT: Walking 3 miles will burn more calories than running 1 mile. It’s easier to walk 3 miles while listing to music, a podcast, audiobook, etc.

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The sad thing about it is, its way more time consuming


I got a dog and I thought more exercise was going to be a benefit, turns out she likes to take her time sniffing every blade of grass. At least I get outside daily I guess. Edit: A lot of y’all are assuming I’m not okay with the walk dynamic I have with my dog. I am totally fine with letting her do her thing. If she wants to sniff, I let her sniff. I have a perfectly happy, healthy dog. She is amazing in every way and I spoil her as much as possible so keep your coaching to yourselves please and thanks. I was simply adding a small anecdote to the original thread and y’all took it sideways.


Just do the exercise you enjoy. That is a more sustainable approach. Edit: thank you for the awards!!


It also takes 6 times longer to walk three miles than it does to run one.