LPT: Wash your pillowcases everytime you do laundry.

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This is a great tip that I learnt as a teenager and all my acne disappeared. I personally was lazy to wash every time so I just bought myself 5 or 6 of them and swap them out once a week and do the big wash every month and a half


Who washes just their sheets but not the pillow cases?


I cant believe some of the tips that appear here. There was one about washing your feet when you shower and now one about washing your pillow cases everytime you laundry. Of course you do. I think i may quit this sub out of sheer disgust.


Terrible advise! As an adult wash all of your sheets weekly and more frequently if visibly soiled. The other option is have at least 2 sets of sheets, one on the bed and one in the wash and change as needed.