LPT: When you host a party, create a Spotify / Apple Music playlist, include a link to it on the invite and task each guest with adding a couple of songs to it. People love hearing their favourite songs at a party and it takes the guesswork out of creating a playlist that will appeal to all.

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Just double check that Playlist for the person who is bound to put 100 I’m so sad and artistic I might off myself songs


All fun and games until one of your songs come on and someone says “who put on this trash”


I like the idea, but also consider who your friends are. I know I have a handful of friends who would put some questionable stuff of there to get a rise out of people haha


r you could be like one of our old friends… Comes over to party, gets drunk, steals all the remotes and unplugs someone else’s music. Plays the same song 30x in a row. Good times