Man found alive in Scotland after faking his death to evade U.S. sex assault charges, official says

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In movies, people who fake their own death are cool secret agents who stage an elaborate explosion or something. In real life, they’re just scumbag sex criminals who lazily write up a fake obituary on a website.


Who else was expecting Prince Andrew?


Guy looks like Sal from impractical Jokers


Caught covid and was on a ventilator here, now in custody looking to be extradited, hopefully a swap for that bitch Anne Sacoolas.


I read the obituary he created for himself. The hubris of this guy! Holy shit, that was graduate level style of bullshit, and I have bullshitted a few papers at university at times but nothing this extravagant. Poster child for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Seriously, read the obituary he created. If it were not for the fact he was trying to dodge the criminal justice system and fess up to what he did, it would be a great piece of fiction, a laughable one.