Many of us have probably travelled further in a month than most of our ancestors did in their entire lifetime.

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I recall reading somewhere that in the Middle Ages most people lived their whole lives within a 20 mile radius of home. In the mid ’70s my family visited the West Coast of Ireland and we stopped our car in the middle of the road while a huge flock of sheep crossed it. My day asked the shepherd “What’s on the other side of that big hill way over there?” and he replied “I dunno, never been that far before.” I guess for some people that’s still the case. Here in Iowa there are sizeable Amish communities and I believe most of those folks live within a similar area close to home.


Plenty of people in my area of the USA are proud of their European ancestors. Same folks refuse to travel more than an hour from their home.


You’d be a legend to your ancestors. Traveling all over the place, exotic foods, great stories, you have all of your teeth, you smell good, knowledge about the planets and magnets and stuff, etc., etc., etc.


Some of us probably haven’t even left our house in a month.


I live just outside Cambridge (UK) and it’s just occurred to me that the furthest I’ve travelled is pretty much Cambridge, Massachusetts. (A journey which could be done in a day).