Navy Unveils Next-Generation DDG(X) Warship Concept with Hypersonic Missiles, Lasers – The Navy wants its next warship to fire hypersonic missiles and lasers that would be ten times more powerful than the service’s existing laser weapons, according to the most detailed outlook to date of the DDG(X)

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Can we just have Healthcare?!?! Maybe build some infrastructure for our citizens rather than new weapons? Ffs audit the pentagon, this is ridiculous.


The ship’s soft serve machine requires repair first, at the cost of 20 billion


They’ll order 30, 3 will get built, and they’ll realize it’s a complete failure and cancel the others, having spent tens of billions and wasted a decade plus.


“…the service’s **existing** laser weapons…” Somehow, *that’s* the part which actually gets my attention.


As a navy veteran I can tell anyone curious that if this actually gets built most of it will be broken 90% of the time