Nevada Republicans sent National Archives fake electoral certificates saying Trump won election

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Isn’t this the definition of election fraud?


We know about at least 5 states that have had Republicans do this, and they had matching document templates, so it was coordinated. It’ll be a travesty if nobody goes to prison over this.


Republicans said there was fraud in this election and damn if they aren’t telling the truth.


I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure this would classify as the smoking gun wouldn’t it? It’s actual physical evidence of election manipulation, orchestrated by the party at large, and I’m sure if you went digging only slightly you’d find a direct link to the upper chambers of the GOP and maybe even Trump himself. even if it isn’t readily available, there’s no honor among thieves that if you twisted the knife the right way you’d probably get any one of these mooks to give up the whole game in order to save their own skin.


No, that can’t be true… Republicans cheating? Why, that’s unheard of!