Newlywed couples tended to have increased relationship satisfaction after experiencing a natural disaster together, according to new longitudinal research that examined the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

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Isn’t this basically plot of disaster movies? Estranged husband reunites with wife and kid(who is with another dude now) and saves them.


Isn’t this called trauma bonding?


My wife and I work in the ER in community hospitals in Los Angeles that serve people who tend towards poor health literacy and vaccination rates. Our relationship, after 9 years, is absurdly good. We have been actively laughing about how good it is, and feel like we’ve been getting stronger every day. I’d say there’s a very strong correlation with that escalation and the beginning of the pandemic. I had not thought of that but it’s interesting.


I married hubs September 28, 2019. Well, 5.5ish months later.. the first 8 months were a bit rough, because how you each deal with a global pandemic isn’t exactly part of your wedding vows. Asthma and cleaning door knobs compared to not using hand sanitizer after ordering fast food through the drive through. There were times I thought this was a mistake, but we started working things out. I remember *the day* we were both out wearing masks and he comes up to me and points out an older couple 1 year into the pandemic. The wife looked distraught and distanced with a mask on, and the husband looked angry. Hubs said, “Why can’t he just see that she’s scared and just wear a mask? I just don’t get it.” So many emotions in that moment; towards hubs, and then looking at that couple. In retrospect, I can’t tell if I overreacted (healthcare, kinda like an aid but very different), though we’re still here and he’s my best friend I feel safe with. But he’s also glad I did now, in retrospect. About to be 29 years old – over and out.


it’s kind of the reason why watching scary movies together is like the goto move. we’re basically animals, so emotional experiences tie you us each other.