Ohio Supreme Court tosses GOP’s ‘gerrymandered’ maps, orders fix in 10 days

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Ohio here …. HOLY SHIT im honestly shocked


Well there is some good news for once.


> Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, ***a member of the commission and whose son was among Wednesday’s dissenting justices***… YOU DON’T SAY.


Nice try, GQP. We’re all sick of your MAGA shit.


> Its members — five Republicans and two Democrats — failed to arrive at a bipartisan consensus, so the map they approved Sept. 16 along party lines was set to last only four years, rather than 10 years. So presumably, republicans could pass gerrymandered maps every 4 years and avoid bipartisan consensus? That was obviously their plan, and I bet they’re fuming at the one Republican justice that sided with *not* allowing that to happen. Tell me you want keep cheating without saying you want to keep cheating, republicans.