One day, someone will die from cancer when a cure becomes available the next day.

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Someone will die after a cure is created because the insurance denied the treatment


Reality check: people die from treatable causes all the time.


There’s likely never going to be a single “cure for cancer”. There are literally over a hundred different cancers. Treatments vary dramatically for the type/stage/patient population/etc. However, immuno-oncology has made dramatic advancements in the last decade and we’re starting to see the fruits of this labor. There are many treatments today that can “cure” (using the clinical definition) cancer… for certain diseases for at least a portion of the patients. And more are hitting the clinic every day.


Why cure a disease when you can treat it indefinitely? Draining people of their lives and lives savings in the process?


There’s already a cure for a couple types of cancer. People still die of it because they can’t afford or simply refuse to get the treatment.