Police probe clears Dayton, Ohio, officers who pulled paraplegic driver out of car

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“There was no policy in place at the time of the traffic stop that dealt with “how to best transport a disabled subject,” the review stated.” If you need a written policy telling you not to rip a disabled person out of a car by their hair, then you probably aren’t smart enough for a job that issues you a weapon.


“We’ve investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong.”


>Owensby was stopped by officers after a narcotics division detective told them a white Audi had been parked outside a “drug complaint residence for a ‘long period of time,'” according to the DPD report. >The two officers pulled over the car for a suspected window tint violation and asked Owensby to get out so a dog could sniff around the vehicle for drugs. So… they busted him for being a black man with dreads.


The police said it was on the low end of the pain scale by dragging him out of the car? They ripped two dreadlocks out of his scalp as I recall, from the original story. Don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty painful to me.


> The report also determined Owensby’s allegations that officers threatened violence and mocked him were “unfounded.” > The police department’s investigation faulted the two officers for muting their body-worn cameras during parts of the stop, and faulted one for a sarcastic remark to another officer caught on a supervisor’s body-worn camera. Pick one.