Putting hummus on sandwiches is a game changer for me!

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Hummus is awesome on sandwiches and a healthier* alternative to mayonnaise. I also like how many flavors there are, you can find one to work with almost anything. Edit: I did not realize that hummus being healthier than mayo was a hot take.


I worked at an independent coffee shop and we had a hummus sandwich. It was delicious, and then I forget that it is a valid option.


Not gunna lie… as I was scrolling, I did an immediate takeback when I read “Putting Humans on sandwiches is a game changer for me!” I also have lots of weird fucking subs, so I figured it was how I read it lmao


I learned about hummus in sandwiches from Panera’s overprices veg sandwich. Tried it on my homemade sandwiches and it brought it up to a whole new level.


I also enjoy mashed avocado or Tzatziki on sandwiches. It adds great flavor.