Researchers studying incel activity on social media found that such tweets arise disproportionately within places where mating competition among men is likely to be high because of male-biased sex ratios, few single women, high income inequality, and small gender gaps in income.

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I can’t find it but there’s been studies that show that society as a whole gets worse when there is a growing population of unemployed, single men. Like, world war 2 worse.


what’s an example of such a location?


>we geolocated 321 million tweets to 582 commuting zones in the continental United States… So this study is based on data only from the US. Social norms and gender income differences may not apply the same elsewhere.


Does the sex ratio take into account the proportion of gay men? Gay men are not distributed evenly and tend to live more in some specific urban areas.


I see one major flaw with this study: it’s just twitter. Twitter is a cesspool of the worst aspects of humanity.