Russia sees ‘no grounds’ for more security talks with US, NATO

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Here we go. Looks like the people who thought these talks were nothing more than a casus belli were more right than they thought.


Oh no! Our totally unrealistic demands weren’t met, guess we have to go to war!


Can someone ELI5 what’s going on with the talks for me? Apparently I’ve been out of the loop


> Russia, however, has denied intentions of invading Ukraine. Can anyone tell me if there is another word for it? Will they attack Ukr, destroy everything then leave? They won’t occupy so they can say they don’t “invade”? I’m genuinely confused.


The prospects of another war in Europe sound both terrifying and improbable, but who can really say what will happen at this point? Jeeeeez, I was raised to believe ‘defence’ was something we did several thousand miles from home to achieve better trade deals or w/e. Hope Putin hasn’t hooked up with evil Abed yet.