Russia “won’t exclude” putting military hardware in Cuba or Venezuela amid “unsuccessful” talks with U.S. over Ukraine

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I expect Cuba might want to have a say about that….


If they try to deploy hypersonic missiles, there could be some kind of crisis


Man I really doubt Cuba even wants to be in the conversation at this moment. They’ve worked so much with the US over the last decade to normalize relations I just don’t see how they could be willing to throw it away for Russia after how they got treated by them last time.


“Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, […] said Thursday that he didn’t want “to confirm anything, [but] won’t exclude anything here either,” when asked whether Russia might consider establishing a military presence in America’s backyard.” What else was he suppose to say? I’m everything but a fan of Russia’s recent actions, but this headline is pure sensationalism.


Russia is being somewhat presumptuous, are they not? Why would Cuba want Russian weapons on their island? Its 2022, how does helping Russia benefit Cuba?