Scientists, medical professionals defend Fauci after heated exchanges with Republicans

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Fauci calling that dude a moron just underlines his commitment to telling the truth.


Like Republicans are ever going to listen to scientists and medical professionals. Sure, the experts say x, but *libertarian ophthalmologist Rand Paul and Canadian end-times fascist Ted Cruz* say y….I mean who ya gonna believe?


I feel bad for Dr. Fauci, having to put up with stupid ass questions from a bunch of knuckle-dragging dipshits who are dumber than a bag of doorknobs. The man is trying to save lives and keep people from spreading a virus for fuck’s sake.


Yeah, I mean why didn’t Fauci have instantaneous answers and a complete understanding of this brand-new novel pathogen?


Conservative radio, here in the Northeast US was actually praising Rand Paul for “standing up to Fauci” and putting him in his place. My first thought was, ” did these people not see the same exchange I did?. All became clear as in the next segment they played almost the entirety of Rand Paul’s statement and not one word of Fauci’s response.