Sen. Bernie Sanders wants every American to have free N95 masks: ‘Not all face masks are created equal’

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Even anti maskers oughta keep these, but they won’t. They’re really nice if you need to do wood work or other stuff involving particulates. It’s why I was fortunate enough to have a stash of n95’s and p100 filters when this all started last year (paint/woodwork).


We haven’t responded at scale to this issue at all. We should have been sending free masks to folks homes the second production was up to it. We should have been sending free tests to folks homes the second production was up to it. There’s a long list of shit we should have been doing (and don’t tell me we can’t do it cause other countries have. We just don’t have the will to) but those are absolutely the top two


Seems like this horse left the barn, moved across the country, and changed its name a long time ago. If the government had mobilized to have N95 masks made back when mask mandates began, we’d have had them well ahead of Omicron. Now, though? N95 masks are no less comfortable or inconvenient once you have them. If anything they tend to be better made and more comfortable.


The messaging on masks was such a mess from day 1. I can’t believe N95 masks are not the norm in 2022.


Oh Bernie – I love that you want equality for people and to give everyone a shot at life, but this is America – Americans don’t want that. We want to watch our fellow man die or at least suffer if they don’t agree with us. This is the way.