[Serious] When you were in school, did a classmate pass away? What happened?

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Kindergarten: a girl died of a cardiac event, sitting at her desk. She wasn’t in my class, but we were in the same grade. Fifth grade: during summer break, a girl died of an aneurism while on a trip with her family. Sixth grade: a girl was killed when a train hit her babysitter’s car. I can still hear the screeching of the car being dragged down the tracks. 10th grade: a boy died in a solo motorcycle accident. 11th grade: a boy committed suicide.


I went to school with a make a wish receiver who passed just before his 18th birthday, his wish was to finish a 51 ford him and his dad were restoring, a local car club took on the project and it was finished months before his death, the car was kept by the family and driven around on nice days for years after he passed. I also went to school with a kid who crushed himself under a car when it fell off the blocks he had it sitting on. My high school Principal also dropped dead on campus one morning about 25 mins before school started.


So in my 6th grade class one kid had a very severe peanut allergy. What happened was he was on a family vacation and was out at a restaurant eating dinner. His sister apparently shared a bite of her shrimp dish with him and unbeknownst to her the shrimp had been cooked with peanut oil. The reaction was so fast and severe he passed before any help could arrive. Very tragic…. imagine being his sister.


I was friends with this girl since primary school, she came to my school in grade 3 and became my friend ever since. We then went to high school together and had a few classes together. She passed away in year 10. To this day I’m not entirely sure how, as some of the popular girls used my friends death to become more popular (post on social media) when really they weren’t very nice to her at all and only knew her for a short period of time. It made me feel like I wasn’t allowed to mourn my friends death because I wasnt deemed close enough. One girl at school said to another girl “why are you crying you hardly knew her”, which was really rude. It was a shitty time. She was a gorgeous person and I have lovely memories with her


When I was in high school a girl killed herself. The school psychologist had a group session for anyone who wanted to talk about it. She killed herself because other kids bullied her, but the school never did anything to stop the bullying.