Sinema kills chance for filibuster change: I won’t ‘worsen the underlying disease of division’

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And there she goes, worsening the underlying disease of division.


Who gives a fuck if she rhetorically supports the voting rights bill when she’s standing on the floor ensuring that it dies?


I can’t wrap my head around the lack of support for a ‘standing filibuster’. Want to maintain the process? Make people freaking work for it, opposition should be visible and right now it just isn’t. Right now the Senate effectively works with a 60 vote threshold on practically every bill and there’s zero visibility on who/why something is being blocked. Get rid of this stupid silent filibuster, let the people see who is creating roadblocks and force them to explain their reasoning.


Fuck her fucking bad faith argument. The division exists because the Republicans have made divisiveness and obstruction their overall strategy. She is not an idiot, she knows that this is the case, she has just decided that she would rather betray the people who got her into office.


Sinema: “I won’t worsen the underlying disease of division.” This is so rich I just got diabetes.