Study: Parents Perceived Kids’ Behavior Has Worsened With Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Might it be that parents experienced much more time with their kids, and realized their teachers knew better than them, and that their angels can be true assholes for a good part of the day? At least that’s what my best friend suggested to me, her little angel is 7.


My wife is a teacher and she says kids coming back to the classroom after remote learning has been a huge shock. They’re basically feral. She’s never had so many behavioral problems with her students.


“Therefore, results should not be interpreted to mean that remote learning caused worse behavioral health; rather, the results illustrate that parents perceived their children’s behaviors as having shifted systematically through the COVID-19 pandemic’s educational interruptions.” So I’m going to see this cited by every news source as remote learning worsened behavior….


Orrrrrrrr maybe your kids have always sucked, and now you’re the one who has to deal with them instead of the underpaid educators who used to watch them for 8 hours a day.


You know maybe, not using the public school system as a gigantic childcare center for children would’ve been the way to go, no? Children are there to learn, teachers are there to teach. But that’s obviously never the case as essentially teachers just become glorified baby sitters. Parents not disciplining their kids, and being more involved now, just gives them a taste of reality.