Thailand plans to impose tourist fee from April: Thailand is planning to collect a 300 baht ($9) fee from foreign tourist from April to develop attractions and cover accident insurance for foreigners unable to pay costs themselves.

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Thailand already does this in a lot of tourist places, but unless you can read Thai you won’t know about it. 200 baht for entry to an attraction (listed in English) then in Thai the price is listed as 20 baht. This also helps keep things affordable for the locals.


Why not, what’s nine bucks


In fairness not many will think twice about an 8 euro fee. I’m sure I’ve paid more than that for water at European airports


They’ve already had an exit tax for some time as well, no? And if I remember it grew exponentially for those who overstayed their tourist visas. $9 more is not much considering Thailand is a pretty amazing place with pretty amazing people, if it helps them recover from the loss of tourism during the pandemic all the better.


I’ll never forget entering the Dominican Republic. All tourists lined up for a $20 tourist tax. You were printed a receipt and filed to the next room where an attendant took the receipt.