The French Farmer Who Fought McDonald’s (2020) Jose Bove became a national hero when he drove his tractor through the country’s first McDonald’s to protest of increasing Americanization in France [00:13:45]

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I’m French and this guy has never been a national hero, far from it. The title is sensationalist crap.


“National hero” is a stretch Edit: to clarify this is not just my opinion of the guy. I am french and was very aware of this event at the time. I’m just a witness testifying there was no national support for this clown


And there were never any more McDs ever seen in France again! Hooray!


It was not the first Mc Donald (had been around for 20 years ) and it was not to protest against a general americanization but more because of tax retaliation against French products (like cheese). Mac Donald was choosen as a symbol of ruthless capitalism and junkfood. Jose Bove was also not a simple farmer but a union leader.


I’m gonna skip this one. It wasn’t the first McDonald’s in France by a long shot, so I will just go ahead and assume that’s probably not the only inaccurate detail.