The greatest thing lost in childhood is pure blind positive hope for the future.

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Not sure. I still can’t get over losing my Stretch Armstrong action figure 50 years ago.


Both my kids want to be grade school teachers at one of the lowest paying schools in my area. It’s hard being supportive because they’re just kids while also thinking sorry kids I don’t want you to get your masters for $12/hr.


I’m 36 and i still have it. I didnt have a happy childhood and thought id be dead by 25. Now i have what most would consider a meager existence but im just so thankful and happy about everything i have and get to experience that im just always so happy. Find joy and wonder in the mundane.


Oh I never had that, when was I supposed to have that?


You lost yours? I still got mine. Call me naïve but I think things are gonna be okay.