The Language of the Future Lojban?: a carefully constructed language designed with the intention of eliminating ambiguity from human communication

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Eliminate ambiguity? Good luck getting england on board.


Eliminate ambiguity? Sure, take all the fun out of it, why don’tcha…


check out jan Misali on youtube, they have a video on lojban about the pros and cons. there are better conlangs, and human communication doesn’t perfectly fit how lojban does.


Part of the problem is that humans need ambiguity. We thrive on it and have entire fields that exist in and because of gray areas. Ambiguity is a necessary part of language because it’s a necessary part of humanity and language is an extension of how we exist. No language that removes ambiguity will thrive or we will warp it until it contains ambiguity.


there will be no one language of the future. even if there is a catastrophe and the majority survivors were english speakers, there will be polyglots in that group and they will want to communicate with other people who speak non-english languages, several generations down the line and you’ll once again have people who do not need to speak english and therefore don’t. of course, that’s all if there were a major catastrophe, as of right now, there’s an antarctic accent that’s developing, give it time and i’m sure they’ll develop their own language as well. no design could ever completely replace natural language evolution