The Only Secret Recording of Hitler’s Normal Voice | The Hitler-Mannerheim Recording (2020) [00:13:32]

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>As a German, i have heard this recording a few times. It is extremly eerie to hear him talk like a normal person. Like a neighbour. His Austrian accent is almost unnoticeable, his speech could easily pass as High German for someone not paying attention. Also, his choice of words, his pronunciation is almost modern. Not “old fashioned” as you would expect someone to talk in the 1930s or -40s. And to think that this is HIM. Having a random conversation. An i am sitting here, in Germany, listening to it on an American Website decades later… it is insane how history works.


“Revered” is an odd word choice.


I heard this years ago and it is incredible. The casual nature of the conversation really caught me off guard. I didn’t image random people in the room would just jump in with comments during a conversation with Hitler. It also shows you the mindset of why the Germans, or at least the leadership, believed they could defeat Russia.


If the SS guards caught the reporter recording then why didn’t they seize the tape?


Hitler, Gilbert Gottfried, and Stephanie Beatriz: three people who I’ve almost never heard speak in their “normal” voices.