Thousands sign up for 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine as Quebec threatens to tax the unvaxxed

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We do about 60 shots a day at my in pharmacy. Yesterday 10 of them were first doses. None of them wearing a mask when they came to check in, none of them had one. The fucking worst.


All the people here commenting on “fines” and “government mandates” don’t seem to understand how Canadian healthcare works. Everyone pays into the healthcare “fund” through taxation. When you need medical attention you walk in and get it for free whenever you feel like it. Canada isn’t a huge country so COVID has been extremely expensive for such a small population. If you want to continue to be unvaccinated in Canada (specifically Quebec) you just have to pay into a separate “fund” to help your fellow antivaxxers in the event that they (or you) need COVID related medical attention. It’s too much to ask vaccinated people to pay for the treatment of antivaxxers and the programs that make the vaccine free and available to all. The choice is still there


They should have done this from the beginning. All these clowns get in line when their pocket books are affected. Human reflex in action.


This will happen in the US soon enough but it’ll be by the insurance companies instead.


that is actually a good idea, you want to have your freedoms and avoid the shot, well you will have to pay a tax because it is going to cost a lot when you seek treatment edit: so people want universal healthcare but they don’t want to be taxed to fund universal healthcare, got it, this will work out well