TIL “Here Comes The Sun” (Beatles’ most streamed on Spotify) had zero contribution from Lennon, as he was recovering from a car crash. George Harrison wrote & sang it.

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george harrison was a fantastic songwriter and is often overshadowed by john and paul.


John didn’t even contribute any instrument on the recording. **According to Ian MacDonald, the line-up on the Beatles’ recording was as follows:** *George Harrison – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonium, Moog synthesizer, handclaps* *Paul McCartney – backing vocal, bass, handclaps* *Ringo Starr – drums, handclaps* God bless George!


Have you seen the Get Back Doc? It’s phenomenal. Full of little insider secrets like this one


I shall have to give these “Beatles” a listen someday.


TIL “Here comes the Sun” is the Beatles most streamed on Spotify. Not what I would have guessed. I would have thought hey Jude, yesterday, or maybe Something from abbey road.