TIL in the middle ages mainly blind people were hired as treadwheel operators on construction sites, as they would not be scared from the sheer drop sight below them. It is also considered one of the worst jobs in history, as the wheels often broke.

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All that effort; not a single fucking schematic or drawing.


Historical societies often had occupations reserved for the blind. In Korea, for example, masseuse was (and still generally is!) a job reserved for the blind.


“Alright the key is don’t look d… Y’know what, you’ll be fine”


I’m curious why the wheel had to be elevated for each floor; why not leave the wheel on the ground and just affix a pulley truss above? Edit: from what I can gather from replies and a bit of digging, it is simply to keep rope lengths down – I underestimated the difficulty in extending rope


“….as the wheels often broke.” Jeez,I bet they didn’t see that coming