TIL Jerry Lawson was a gaming pioneer, and one of the few Black engineers working in the tech industry in the 1970s. In 1976, Lawson led a team of engineers that developed and released the first removable video game cartridges

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Somebody watched High Score on Netflix


Too bad he never worked with Steve Jobs at Atari and let SJ take all the credit. Jobs, I may remind you, virtually never contributed to philanthropic or humanitarian causes because he believed that bringing Apple into the world was ‘good charitable work’ enough.


I often come across such posts which highlights achievements by people of colour but to be honest there was no need to mention that fact here. The first half of this headline is useless information. He did great, but him being black need not be in there.


Saw it on Drunk History.


(Previous post of mine for those who haven’t seen it) 20-ish years ago at a gaming convention, I attended a talk by Jerry Lawson. Still remember one funny story: he was in a conference room with the Fairchild big honchos when the marketing guys presented their new tv commercial for LED watches. It’s showed a mountain climber using one. After it played, everyone acted impressed, but he was sitting in the back laughing all loud. The top guy there (sorry forgot name and title) sternly asked “Is there something wrong Jerry?” “Yeah, that’s the stupidest commercial ever. First a mountain climber doesn’t care about the time, that’s the whole point of being outdoors. Second, it would be too bright in that scene to even see the LEDs. Third, if you hold one hand in front of you and put the other up for shade, it might not turn out well if you’re trying to keep your grip on a mountain.” “Well…. we like it”. Jerry said he was in the doghouse, but he got symbolic revenge later when the Sonny and Cher show spoofed it by showing a climber checking his watch, then falling down the mountain.