TIL: JFK didn’t know the U.S. had nuclear weapons in Turkey during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even quoted as saying putting them there would be “Goddamned Dangerous” during a situation room meeting during the crisis. He was then told the U.S. had placed Jupiter IRBM’s there in 1961, infuriating JFK.

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Lol. Kinda the whole reason they let turkey into nato in the first place.


Yes this was the reason Khrushchev gave for sending missies to Cuba. Basically “you’ve got nukes on our doorstep in Turkey, we’re sending some to yours.” My mother lived in Florida at the time – she told me my grandparents packed her and my aunts up to head further inland to stay with relatives. She said the roads were packed with people and there was a lot of stand still traffic like a hurricane evacuation.


It is amazing how apparently JFK had supposedly had no clue about anything at all going on during his presidency, but is still considered a great leader. This says he didn’t know about the nukes in Turkey, which is why nukes got sent to Cuba. He apparently signed off on the Bay Of Pigs without knowing anything about an invasion he was approving. Either he was completely in the dark about everything and made a bunch of crazy blind decisions that almost lead to nuclear war, or everybody covers up for him and he made those decisions willingly. He also never seems to get any flack for sending 16000 troops to Vietnam.


If reading _”Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner”_ has taught me anything is that nobody knew what was really going on. There was a massive disconnect between the assumed policy and objectives at the top and the execution down at the logistics and “press the button when shit happens” levels. Still waiting for Russian equivalent memoir to come out, because you just know they would be even more cavalier, secretive, paranoid and disorganised about these matters.


Lol without his consent or what?