TIL that a middle school football coach in Oregon was fired for trying to take his team to Hooters to celebrate the end of the season.

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Not the *most* inappropriate thing an Oregon public schools head football coach has ever done. About 15 years back there was a coach who got in trouble for *licking* the bloody wounds of injured high school athletes, like they were little kids and he was their mommy and was going to “kiss it and make it better”. IIRC, *that* guy didn’t even get fired.


I see nothing wrong with this at all. It’s a sports restaurant. The women who work there are fully clothed. And I hear some locations actually have decent food. My opinion is very unpopular to this story. I’ve never been to one. Maybe it’s trashy and not a place for middle school football players. What a triggering story. I played football. I was a kid. But I felt like a man. I gotta say I’m so glad I’m not a kid growing up in these crazy ass times. Too young to eat some wings served by women. But plenty old enough to smash their heads and try to break the other team in half. This is a 2013 story. But those kids are all 18 by now likely. I guess they can go to Hooters and be total pieces of shit. Helluva story.


Was his name Michael Scott?


Our school rugby coach used to buy us a couple of cartons of beer when we were coming home on the bus from away games if it was a couple of hours away.


Oh shit we did exactly this. After losing the first game he said he’d take us to hooters if we won the rest. We did and it was pretty awesome for a group of 13/14 year old boys. The waitresses were pretty great about it too.