TIL that during a flight from Taipei to Los Angeles a Chinese Airlines Boeing 747SP not only performed a 360 degree roll but also pulled 5 gs twice after their #4 engine failed. Aside from a broken foot and strained back, all passengers and crew were unharmed.

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CoPilot: “Captain, we’ve just lost the #4 engine!” Pilot: “WOOHOO, TIME TO ROLL THIS BITCH!!!”


Fascinating story. This is terrifying (from the article): > The aircraft was significantly damaged by the excessive G-forces. The wings were permanently bent upwards by 2 inches (5 cm), the inboard main landing gear lost two actuator doors, and the two inboard main gear struts were left dangling. Most affected was the tail, where large outer parts of the horizontal stabilizer had been ripped off. The entire left outboard elevator had been lost along with its actuator, which had been powered by the hydraulic system that ruptured and drained. >After repairs were made to the plane, it returned to service on 25 April 1985. It continued in service for nearly 12 years until it was leased to China Airlines’ sister company, Mandarin Airlines, on 1 January 1997, and was in daily service for the remainder of that year.


As the plane starts going out of control, I’m picturing the driving school instructor scene from The Naked Gun: “Gently, apply the left rudder. Gently press the yoke forward and stabilize. Normally we wouldn’t be going 5gs and flying upside down and going the wrong way down a one-way flight path with a disabled engine.”


While the passengers were mostly unharmed, the same can’t be said for their pants which all had to be thrown away after the fight.


“Unharmed”, lol.. could you imagine the PTSD from that shit?!