TIL The United Fruit Company, the company which ran banana republics in central america, still sells bananas todays after being rebranded “Chiquita Brands International”

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The UFC lobbied congress and the CIA to overthrow the government of Guatemala so that they wouldn’t have to sell back their land at the value they had claimed it was worth for tax purposes. The result of this was a military coup that massively destabilized the country, leading to a civil war that lasted 36 years. To put it in perspective, United Fruit merged with AMK to form United Brands in 1970, then changed its name to Chiquita in 1984. The Guatemalan civil war continued for 12 more years after it did so.


The Dulles Brothers… where special interest & corporatism dictate government policy. Allan Dulles was Director of the CIA and was on United Fruit Co.’s Board of Directors. John Dulles was US Secretary of State and a lawyer for United Fruit. The way the workers were ill treated by the company made it ripe for them to organize for better treatment, wages, etc. Of course, ‘organizing” is too often automatically construed as communism, (which may or not be true in this case?) None the less, was hence the US’s justification for the Guatemala coup d’état take-over. [edited lousy spelling]chrome-spokes

Wait so the chiquita banana lady is the UFC Champion?


I got a buddy with United Fruit, get ya started. You can start pickin’ strawberries and work your way up to theses god damn bananas. When boy? When? Are you gonna get your act together!?!


Big Fruit has a LOT of skeletons in their closets. Dole basically overthrew King Kamehameha in Hawai’i