Trying to get out of poverty

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Find an employer that’ll pay for your college education. Some that come to mind are Starbucks, Target, the U.S. Army, etc… A degree that’s paid for will pay dividends, play the long game. It’ll take time and patience.


Moving to Southern California was probably mistake #1 unless it’s from NYC, the Bay Area, or a different country… It’s expensive there! $15 an hour will get you by pretty well in the Midwest and South. But not in Southern California unless you move inland… Edit: OP moved from Indiana and was paying too much in rent there. I see fast food places in Indy paying over $15 an hour starting. And there are decent, safe apts for under $800. GL in California lol


$15 is very low for that area. Where do you work at? Do you have any passion or interests? Places like target are great because you can quickly move up as assistant manager and pick up extra shifts for overtime


r/povertyfinance has a lot of good tips from people who have been in similar situations


I don’t know if SoCal was the best place to move too. One of the highest cost of living in the United States and they have the highest unemployment rate of any state. I think you should save and move to a place with low unemployment, low cost of living, and high salary for entry level jobs. A place like Des Moines, Iowa or Austin, Texas.