University of Alabama teams with Smithsonian to study role of religion at Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Qanon is exposing the hypocrisy of our society and it’s about time. Recently, a number of people have lamented to me that they’re afraid to live in a society where Qultists are able to run around freely, driving school buses, flying planes, and working in govt. I ask them why, and they say it’s because people in power should not be delusional or detached from reality. I then ask if they would be comfortable flying on a plane if their pilot believed an invisible man in the sky was always watching them and cared about who they had sex with or what food they ate. Or perhaps would they be nervous if they knew the doctor about to operate on them literally believed that giants used to exist, or that demons were real and influenced bad behavior. Whenever I ask people these questions they get upset and say it’s not the same thing but it absolutely is. For many atheists, this is our reality. Living in a world where everyone around us is able to live in delusion while we’re forced to accept it.


cant wait for alabama politicians to demand defunding of the university when they find the “wrong” result


Not much difference between these Christian Extremist and ISIS or Taliban.


Christian Conservative Republicans and MAGAmorons are everywhere and they’ve fully-embraced Fascism.


This is really interesting! I’m curious to see what the results of the study are. It’s interesting that the University of Alabama is doing this study, because it seems like a topic that would be more relevant to a school like Harvard or Georgetown.