Vaccinated Redditors: Do you plan to get a Covid vaccine booster? Why or why not?

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Got mine last week. I know it’s not going to protect me 100%, but a little is better than nothing, IMO.


Got my booster shot back in November actually. Why? I have an autoimmune disorder and the better protected against COVID I am, the better. My body doesn’t handle a *cold* well, let alone any other type of common illness that’s easily/mostly cheaply treated. COVID, if I were to get sick, would most likely take my ass out if I weren’t vaccinated and boostered.


Already got it. I really dont care about the vaccine, it really is not that deep of a situation as the conspirators say it is. I just dont understand why people are against it so much.


Already have. I’m currently living in Germany where to get into entertainment venues, restaurants etc. You have to get tested within 24h (this is called the 2G+ rule). Booster eliminates this requirement so it’s an incentive to get it and go about my daily life.


Booked it for my next day off. Don’t see the difference with this and any other vaccines. If i can do drugs and drink, why would I be afraid of a booster?