Virgin Galactic stock falls as space tourism company plans to raise up to $500 million in debt

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What, you mean the company that has been living on overblown promises for close to 20 years and still hasn’t started revenue flights and already has operational competition for its extremely tiny niche of rich people who want to fly very high for not very long and yet somehow still needs half a billion United States smackeroos to keep going? *Shocked Pikachu*


Make a risky business for rich ppl, but rich ppl don’t want to risk. Be supprised that no1 wants to fly 😲


Also, the former CFO of the spaceport here in New Mexico has filed a whistle-blower complaint about about absolute grift that was taking place, in order to keep the spaceport open with only one real customer. This deal is going to get shut down shortly and the company will find itself with no infrastructure of its’ own, unlike the competitors. Say, I wonder if that’s why they’re busting ass to raise capital.


I can’t wait for the bail out my taxes will provide for them.


All they have to do is make the ticket prices so high that the first ~~idiot~~ customer they get covers the whole debt. Simple 🙂