What Are Solar Trees, and Could They Replace Solar Panels?

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No. They *are* solar panels, just arranged in a pretty way that greatly reduces the amount of sunlight captured per footprint.


I have a tree-like structure in my garden that harnesses solar power and turns it into something useful gives me shade is made exclusively from natural biodegradable materials gives me FREE APPLES on top


A solar tree is a structure resembling a tree that generates solar energy using photovoltaic (PV) panels. It employs principles of biomimicry, using a natural system—in this case the form of a tree—to help solve a pressing global challenge: Replacing greenhouse gas-emitting energy sources like coal, oil, and gas with renewable energy. These attention-grabbing installations generally have a sturdy metal, plastic, or stone base that extends up and out into “branches” on which solar panels are mounted. Beyond this basic structure, there is great diversity in the design of solar tree units, reflecting innovative responses to particular environments, climates, and local energy needs.


Solar freaking roadways! Solar trees! I’m still waiting for the solar light bulb


A lie, much like the term ‘solar farm’. with an identical motive. Propagandize an issue to sell it, metaphorically and physically, to the unknowing public. Good example of the Corporatist rule, ‘Any end, at any externalized cost, is justified.’