What is a red flag from an employer that people might not immediately recognize as a red flag?

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A couple old senior partners, lots of young employees and nothing in between. That means there’s no opportunity to move up, they can’t get people to stay, and can’t get lateral transfers. They work young folks for as long as they can, and the young folks leave once they figure out the company sucks.


Everybody is very young in a very old company.


Had an interview somewhere they offered 20-23 starting. Being new in this field, when they asked how much I was expecting to be paid I said “well you guys are offering 20-23 starting and being new in the field I think 20 would be good.” Their response was “oh….well that’s kind of a red flag for us….usually when someone starts with us they’ll say ‘I’ll take 17 dollars until I can prove to you that I’m worth the $20’ so you’ll see why we’re hesitant.” My response “then why would you offer $20 at your low end?” I didn’t get a call back.


When you don’t get a review until you ask for a raise. Then, all of a sudden, you work is being questioned and you’re being berated.


They claim that overtime isn’t mandatory and workers stay longer by choice.