What is the scariest creepy pasta you’ve read?

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I can’t find it any more, but there was one continuing story about the two guys spelunking and found a small hole in the cave. They continually went to the spot with tools to make the hole bigger, eventually going through to a new area. And then it got creepy, with seeing something moving, and just an overall feeling of dread. The last post was about them going down to find out what was down there, and they never posted again. I wish I could find it again.


I loved, but was also freaked out by, the series on Nosleep written from the POV of a wilderness search and rescue worker about all the weird shit he’d seen (it’s the one talking about random staircases in the woods). It’s really similar to a David Paulides documentary and really well written.


My favorites: -Ted the Caver -Anansi’s Goatman Story -Normal Porn for Normal People -Pale Luna -He Does Birthdays Also the ones with the park ranger and the stairs that randomly appear in the woods.


It’s an old one but it really stuck with me and isn’t that scary but rather unsettling. Its about a guy living in an apartment complex who slowly goes insane believing some outside entity is trying to get into his apartment and trying to watch him as he slowly becomes more and more isolated. The whole story is from his point of view and by the end he tears out his eyeballs while been committed to a mental institution. There’s a twist at the end that implies he isn’t insane at all. It’s a really good one and easy to find if you knew the name, I just always forget it. There’s another one that isn’t scary but also always stuck with me and it was about how water totally vanished from the planet, even out of all products containing it. Society collapsed before people realised the only source of liquid left on the entire planet is blood. People are forced to drink blood to survive. It starts with small animals and eventually works its way up to people. Those who go insane with thirst begin attacking anyone they can find to drink their bodily fluids. The MC of the story has written this all in diary entries and the last entry of the creepy pasta is the MC talking about how thirsty they are and how they might go out for a drink. Implying the thirst has finally driven him to do the unthinkable. There was another one where everybody in the world turned to glass but I don’t remember much about that one. These are all from the early days of Creepy pasta, back when the website was more of a Tumblr blog style page and didn’t even have a search function. I’m thinking around 2010-12 sort of time.


It was on one of the scariest experiences ask threads. Maybe scariest “paranormal in the woods” or hiker/rangers/LEO in nature questions. I have never been able to find it again but it haunts me, so if anyone has better luck, please link it. Basically a ranger or similar profession is out in the wilderness at dusk/night and hears what sounds like a kid crying. They follow the sound, seeing no signs of life nearby, and are out there with flashlights for a while before they realize that the kid crying is a recording playing endlessly on a loop. Immediately high tail it out of there. It was such a bare bones story with one of the creepiest turns I have ever read. Read this a few years ago.