Whenever I hear a religious person say “God is looking out for me” or “thank God” whenever something good happens to them, I always want to ask what about all the people who God doesn’t help?

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Narcissism at it’s finest. Every 10 seconds a child dies of malnutrition, probably with parents praying for a miracle…but I guess God was busy cheering for the Superbowl QB. 🤷‍♂️


Whenever something good happens, it’s because god is good and it’s because he’s looking out for them, but whenever something bad happens it’s because “god works in mysterious ways”.


I used to tutor at a nearby college. I had a student who was religious. Not that it matters but she was a genuinely nice person, not a toxic religious one. English was not her first language, but she did pretty well communicating, with the occasional need to have something unique explained due to cultural differences or a phrase that she was unfamiliar with. She spent many hours, and I mean pretty much from the time the campus opened in the morning until they locked the doors at night, studying like crazy. She wanted to understand what was being taught & know it like the back of her hand. It was important to her to succeed. I was helping her prep for a big test that she had coming up, which would basically decide if she could move on or have to redo the whole semester. The test came & went, & she passed. In fact, she barely missed anything on the huge exam, if I recall correctly. (Like 98-99 correct on a 100 question exam.) I congratulated her, & even though she had literally spent months worth of time studying and working hard, she gave full credit to “God”. Sadly, she did so to the point of saying pretty much that she would have gotten so little correct, without “his help”, that she would have totally failed. It kinda broke my heart that she had such dismal faith in herself & such a poor recognition of how much her hardwork & persistance paid off. She earned that, probably more than any student I’ve known. It wasn’t a modesty thing. It wasn’t an I’d-better-say-this-just-in-case superstitious thing. It was total credit to something that did nothing to help her pass that test on her own. Unrelated to my story, but to the topic: I think it would be awesomely funny, if athletes got on a kick of (mockingly) blaming “Satan” whenever they mess up or lose since so many of them give credit the other way when they do well. I’m sure that gawd really gives a crap about your sportsball game when he’s too busy ignoring all of the war, hunger, murder, rape, lying, stealing, etc.


They cover it both ways…something good its a miracle, god was looking out for you, but if something bad its god’s will, we can’t know god’s plan. It was a miracle I survived the plane crash that killed the other 200 people.


This is a super post, I’m going to use it when I compare god to Santa. Bc, you know, Santa when visits rich kids he leaves wayyyyy more presents so obviously likes them so much more. Same deal here but with God….