Wholesale prices jumped 9.7% , setting record for 2021

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But did you all get a 9.7% raise within the last year?


Gonna be record setting profits too. They will have cover for just raising prices because “inflation”.


How long until the bubble bursts? I work for what used to be a discount retailer and I’ve seen prices jump significantly since October. What’s worse is I often have to help set new prices, so I’m seeing myself price myself out of the things I need. We had a small pay increase for a couple months while we were “heroes,” but that’s long dead. We were one of the first to get rid of the increased pay because we don’t have the same public pressure as major retailers like Walmart so people forget about us quicker.


Groceries here almost all went up by about 20% from September to December. Most things that didn’t go up just reduced what you get in the pack. Dollar items at Walmart are now $1.17. What was a four pack of apple fritters at another supermarket is now a three pack. Driving past the Burger King their nuggets are advertised as the same price, but now they’re an 8 piece instead of 10 piece. It’s almost everything. Granted, we had major flooding and transport issues, but I’m willing to bet prices stay the same once the infrastructure gets back to normal. Starting to relate to Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings, where he describes himself as feeling like butter that’s been spread across too much bread. Housing, food, gas, it’s all rising faster than we can keep up.


1- 3.5% raise in 8 years. Go me!