Will we really let ourselves be governed by irredeemable idiots? That’s the choice, America

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Hate to say it, but while Moscow Mitch is irredeemable, he is no idiot. An obstructionist sack of shit maybe, but not an idiot.


“I never ever cheated and I don’t condone cheating, but I would sometimes spread misinformation,” the then first-term senator said during the lecture. “And this is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important.” Paul explained that he and a group of fellow students had once “started spreading the rumor that we knew” what was on an upcoming test, to “try to trick all of our competing students” into studying for the wrong subject. “That’s my advice, misinformation works,” said Paul. “So, try to trick your opponents into knowing that the test is about something that it’s not.”


After Trump and Covid, I see a great swathe of the American voting public is idiotic and irredeemable. Makes sense we get shitty politicians…


They’re going to take the house and Senate while earning fewer votes in both. If they get the presidency in 2024 due to the electoral college we will be under complete minority rule.


That’s what this country is all about. Your freedom to he an idiot, even if it harms others.