Woman forced to stay at blind date’s apartment for days after snap lockdown in China’s city of Zhengzhou

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In short: > “(He) wanted to show off his cooking skills and we decided to have dinner at his place. It was fine when I came. Then after the dinner when I was just about to leave, the Zhengzhou COVID situation deteriorated all of a sudden. The residential compound was temporarily under lockdown.” > Ms Wang became stuck at the man’s house for several days and it was “not ideal,” local media reported her as saying. > “Living in the apartment with somebody you hardly knew made me feel so awkward and embarrassed,” she said. > “He talks very little, like a wooden man, but I think it’s also good, I’m quite capable of living well.” > (She) added that her date was working every day and looking out for her by cooking and cleaning. And she said although his cooking skills were just so-so, she gave him a thumbs up for his efforts.


This is a movie already, although it’s not that good. Instead of a pandemic lockdown it’s a blizzard. Things get weird in the movie but they end up together in the end as expected. Who knows maybe in a few years these two end up falling in love over their time together. Excuse me while I go barf from the idea of a romcom happening in real life.


As scary as this sounds for the woman, the situation seems to be actually quite alright. This man is giving her space, working, cleaning, cooking and she sleeps in a bed, so I assume my dude is on the couch. I imagine the guy is not so happy either about having to take care for a stranger.


Dude is cooking for her, cleaning every day, and staying out of her way – she puts him on blast saying his cooking was “alright” and that he never talks. Damn.


That guy sounds like an amazing host. She’s really lucky he turned out to be that kind of person. He is the more misfortunate person in this situation. Hopefully she manages to stay out of the way while being stuck freeloading there.