Woman with semi-automatic rifle, other guns in vehicle arrested outside U.S. Capitol Police headquarters

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>she drove to Washington, D.C., from Michigan wanting to talk about “information she had about January 6, 2021,” the police said. Idiot has never heard of a phone?


Unfortunately, the fact that she was heavily armed and decided to travel to D.C. rather than call the FBI to share the “information” she claims to have is indicative of a certain mindset and intent that won’t serve her well in court. I think it’s abundantly clear that she’s a MAGA cultist, and the “information” she claims to have is likely based on the last five YouTube videos she watched.


Another domestic terrorist at it again


“At this time, there is no evidence the 58 year old suspect was coming here to do anything, except speak with our officers,” the police said in the statement. An unloaded .22-caliber rifle, a loaded .410-caliber shotgun and an unloaded .50-caliber muzzleloader, a type of gun loaded through the open end of the barrel, were found in her vehicle along with ammunition, the police said. McAttee was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of unregistered ammunition, unlawful possession or transportation of a semi-automatic rifle and unlawful possession of a firearm, the police said.” Multiple unlawfully possessed weapons and ammunition and driving from Michigan to the Capitol (instead of, I dunno, sending a letter or an email) is a little suspicious if you ask me but I guess everyone gets the benefit of the doubt.


Huh so I wonder if barely making any attempts to punish those involved with the Jan 6 insurrection will come back to bite us later? Nah probably not