Workers at nearly 80 Kroger’s King Soopers go on strike as talks stall

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The Kroger near me in Michigan pays their employees fuck all, I know people that have worked there for 15+ years and are making like $12.20/hour.


Didn’t Kroger shut a bunch of stores down to avoid paying the extra $5 an hour covid pay in California.


Good. As a former employee of King Soopers, I can only wish them a very merry “I hope you get wrecked.” And if the close stores to avoid providing basic things to employees, I wish them an even merrier “enjoy the massive profit loss.”


My mom has worked for Kroger for almost 14 years now. She is also undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Or at least she was…until Kroger took away her health insurance over 2hrs. Which mind you they did not tell her about until it was too late to make up. Like…you know…because she has cancer and had to miss work for treatment…


It’d be cool if they just shut down the stores. King Soopers is literally the dumbest name for anything.