Zanzibar will soon have internet coverage via blimps. The network will utilize both the sharing economy and blockchain.

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Wouldn’t it be more efficient to make two 300 meter cell towers instead of refilling 2 tethered balloons every 14 days?


Unless I missed something, the article doesn’t mention blockchain at all. Throwing some buzzwords on there for more clout? I don’t really see how a blockchain would come into play with the business model of an ISP in the first place, other than maybe using crypto for payments? Maybe I’m wrong though…


The *internet service provider* will utilize “the blockchain.” What the hell does that even mean?


Cardano/ADA is working hard to bring finance to the people of Africato bypass banks. The banking system is expensive, slow, and hard to work with. Cardano is giving financial freedom to the masses. Edit: that’s the blockchain technology they’re probably going to use.


I don’t think a country that cannot maintain a regular cable based internet infrastructure is going to be able to maintain blimps that beam internet to the people. My prediction is that this is never going to work.